Omar Sabbagh is an old family business that is a leader in the world of Aleppian confectionary, distinguished by its long heritage, good quality of products, and excellent customer care.

The family’s tradition has been passing on from father to son for 200 years. The family’s heritage is continuously revived as it passes on to new generations.

“Elegant Sweetness for you and your guests” is the essence of the new generation of Omar Sabbagh confectionary. It is about the sweet pleasure that our confectionery can bring for its customers and their guests. We strive to satisfy our customers’ desire of generosity towards their families and guests in quality and style.

Underpinning this essence are our core values:

  • Heritage: we apply our past experiences and lessons learned in everything we do today and tomorrow.
  • Prestige & class: our boutiques, products, and packaging will extend a genuine prestige to all our customers.
  • Excellence: excellence and generosity in products and customer care are two work ethics that drives our past successes and future ambitions.
  • A good buy: we like our customers to find the best value for money in our products.